About Our Club

NeuroDevils aims to empower students interested in neuroscience through facilitating connections with scientific and psychological neuroscience fields at ASU. 

Past guest speakers have included ASU faculty and industry professionals, including researchers at TGen and Barrow Neurological Institute, as well as health care professionals. 

We also seek to encourage students to begin, or continue, to explore published papers in the field through meetings devoted to a neuroscience journal club. 

All majors are welcome to join! 

Meetings Spring 2024

NeuroDevils will meet every second Monday from 7:30 to 8:30PM. Until further notice, all meetings will be taking place on Zoom. Links will be sent out through our email list prior to each meeting. Upcoming meetings can be viewed on the Meeting Schedule page.

Join Our Email List

Our email is our primary form of communication. Important updates and meeting links will be sent through this email list. To join, add NeuroDevils on SunDevilSync.


We will record attendance through Zoom. Members need not attend every meeting, but attendance will be a consideration in rising to leadership positions within the club.


Interested in on-campus research? Check out our Research page.


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