Meeting Schedule

Spring 2024

See our upcoming meetings here!

All meetings take place on Monday, from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, via Zoom (unless specified!).

Some events may be subject to change and update, so keep an eye out!

  • January 17th (Wednesday*) - Introduction: Get to Know Neurodevils!
  • January 22nd - Dr Eric Bender: Psychiatry, Medicine, and Psychotherapy. 
  • February 5th - Dr. Paul Anderson: Neurobiology behind the Blood Brain Barrier. 
  • February TBA - Volunteer Event: Project CURE
  • February 19th - Dr. Carson Miller Rigoli: Computers, Cognition, and the Brain Panel.

  • March 11th - Dr. Foster Olive: Neuroscience of Addiction and Substance Abuse. 
  • March 25th - Dr. Candace Lewis and Dr. Jinni Su: Early Life Experiences and Our Genetics Panel. 

  • April 8th - Dr. Ramon Velazquez: Alzheimer's, Neurodegeneration, and Therapies.

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